Dear Members,

You will be pleased to hear that our new lawn mower is, according to Graham, “brilliant” The maintenance of the lawn is a very major job and without our Lawn Manager we would be unable to function. In a week or so’s time Graham will be holding another “whack the weeds” session and calling for volunteers to help, please do so if you can.

Thanks to Denise lending us her beautiful garden, we were able to have our first social event of the season when 24 members enjoyed picnics and tea with strawberries and cream on what turned out to be a lovely sunny afternoon. It was particularly good that quite a number of our new members were able to join us. Our next major social event will be our annual BBQ scheduled for Wednesday 28th July. We may however have to defer this until August, as  when Sue and Alan Tompsett return from France they may have to isolate for 10 days which takes them beyond the 28th July . It is their BBQ we use each year and they organize the whole event. We will let you know about this as soon as we can.

 We have [again with much help from Graham] been updating   our inventory for insurance purposes. We recently had to replace a pink ball and the replacement cost over £100! Our Thanks to John Stamper who is organizing a number of inclub handicap tournaments. These are scheduled for the first Monday of the next few months including this month. Should the weather be inclement, John has booked Monday 12th July as an alternative. For further details please refer to our website. Our thanks to Steve Lucarotti for agreeing to become our handicapper, you should have each had an e-mail about this from him.  Finally we are playing matches against other clubs, the first of which is on July 23rd 2pm at Rottingdean. Again, please refer to the website for details and if you would like to be part of a team, please contact Anne Franklin. Spectators are also very welcome, and it can be very helpful to watch some expert playing.

We are sorry that the lawn has been too wet to play on recently but we will let you know when Graham says we can play on them again.

Best wishes and stay safe and well, The Committee.  July 2021